Steel vs. Graphite Shafts

Advantages of Steel
– Mechanical Consistency. Steel is a material that stays uniform throughout the shaft. The steel shaft is drawn through an extrusion process which allows the weight, the flex, or any other mechanical properties of a shaft to be tightly controlled.
– Steel shafts are less expensive because they are easier to make and have more consistent prices from one manufacturer to another.
– Since consistency seems to be the greatest performance-based advantages of steel, so they are often recommended for better player. The better player is looking for mechanical consistency where he/she has the confidence that there is not any mechanical differences from one club to the next.

Advantages of Graphite

– Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts.
– The overall weight is less than steel because the density in graphite is much lower than steel.
– Graphite shafts and the variances in the technologies and production techniques cause for a great variance in their prices.
– Graphite dampens vibration from club-to-ball contact. Because graphite is a composite material and is made up of hundreds of graphite fibers, vibration caused from miss-hits is mostly absorbed in the shaft and dampens the unpleasant feeling to the player.
– Lightness of the shaft allows for longer lengths for drivers and fairway woods.
– Graphite also allows flexibility for the production of longer drivers and fairway woods.

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