Shaft Length
Off-the-rack brand name clubs are made for a 6′ male. To get the most from your game, it is important to have new clubs custom-built for you. A club that is 1″ longer can translate into an additional 15 yards on your drive (beware: the longer the driver the harder it is to control).

Choosing the Appropriate Club Length
In order for us to properly fit your club’s length, you need to determine your wrist-to-floor measurement.

Stand on a flat hard surface, wear street shoes, and place your arms in a relaxed position by your sides. Have someone measure from the bend between your hand and wrist to the floor. This is your wrist-to-floor measurement.

How to Read the Chart
The chart helps you determine if your clubs should be altered from standard length based on your height and your wrist-to-floor measurement.

Lengths are indicated in inches. For example, +1.5 means that your clubs should be made 1.5″ longer than standard length. A -1.5 means that your clubs should be 1.5″ shorter than standard length. An “S” means that the proper club length for you is Standard.

Use the chart to determine how much longer or shorter (than standard) your club length should be by finding where your height and your wrist-to-floor measurement meet. Use that measurement when ordering from the Shaft Length pulldown option.

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